Auto-Bake Technology

  • Auto-Bake Technology

    Fully customised, totally modular

    Our customised turnkey solutions feature purpose-designed Serpentine ovens plus a full range of modular components and technologies, including:

    Control & Automation
    Automated De-panning

  • Product Lines

    Everything imaginable, baked to perfection

    Our flexible Serpentine technology and interchangeable pans suit all types of baked goods with fast recipe and product changeover, including:

    Cakes, Muffins & Snack Cakes
    Cookies, Biscuits & Snackbars
    Pies, Dessert Cakes & Puddings
    Pastries & Proofed Products
    Artisan & Craft Bread

  • Test Bakery

    Your products, our premises - obligation free

    Trial your products — obligation free — on a fully-operational Serpentine production line. Our doors are open and our master bakers are standing by at our convenient location:

    Sydney, Australia

  • About Us

    Six decades of world-class innovation

    Auto-Bake has been a commercial baking innovator since the 1950s; our customised, fully automated production lines are renowned the world over.

  • Global Support

    Worldwide coverage — 24/7

    Auto-Bake’s dedicated sales and service centres span the globe, looking after the efficient operation of our customers' baking systems — day and night.

  • Service & Parts

    Whatever it takes, wherever it’s needed

    Our commitment to service is absolute and all encompassing. It starts long before your order is delivered, and continues for the life of your Auto-Bake production line.