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Serpentine Baking Cooling Systems

The Auto-Bake range of modular Serpentine cooling systems provides a controlled cooling profile to ensure the highest quality final product.

Available in ambient, refrigerated and freezer configurations, all Auto-Bake cooling systems incorporate the signature Serpentine transport path, where trays are transported along multiple horizontal levels in an ‘S-shape’.

Ambient Cooling Systems

Ambient cooling is provided using high-efficiency fans that blow ambient air over the product. If required, the ambient cooler can be constructed within a filtered enclosure, reducing the amount of hot air being introduced into the factory.

Refrigerated/Freezer Systems

Flexible in design and installation, Auto-Bake freezer systems employ specially selected third-party refrigeration technology. Auto-Bake can supply customised Serpentine refrigerated/freezer system framework to accommodate the refrigeration equipment of a preferred supplier, or provide a completely integrated solution.