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The Recipe for Success


Auto-Bake’s industrial pie baking ovens provide a fully customized baking process that produces a consistent, quality product in fast time, high-throughput, every time — a real recipe for success. Auto-Bake’s multi-level Serpentine oven bakes gently and evenly. Accurate zone temperatures guarantee that a perfect bake is achieved.

Our modular pie, dessert or cake tunnel ovens can be custom designed for the product you are most renowned for. Improve your quality control and annual through-put with our reliable and internationally demanded ovens.


Our Modular Solution


Auto-Bake have built ovens for a variety of boutique and international bakers. View a recent customer’s YouTube video on their new Auto-Bake pie baking system.Oven-alone, piece-by-piece or end-to-end — Auto-Bake’s baking solutions produce pies, pudding cakes and desserts with minimal manual input, optimum throughput and maximum output.

Make-Up and Forming

  • Greasing
  • Pastry make-up line
  • Forming / blocking
  • Depositing
  • Decorating
  • Injection/spotting/glazing

Serpentine Oven

  • Direct fired convection
  • Fixed clipless or free tray
  • Moisture and zone temperature control
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Viewing doors
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • PLC control
  • Energy Efficient


  • Robotic or linear systems
  • Needle de-panning
  • Inverted de-panning

Cooling & Freezing

  • Integrated or additional
  • Ambient, refrigerated or
  • Blast freezing available

Optional Integrated
In-Line Washer or Drier

Small Footprint

The Serpentine oven occupies one-tenth the footprint of an equivalent tunnel oven or band line, freeing space for ancillary activities. Expand your operation without expanding your plant.


From 30 pans to 300, free pans or clip pans, stand-alone oven to end-to-end systems, Auto-Bake custom-builds to suit your business and budget.


Advanced control systems and interfaces for easy operation and maintenance, programmable synchronization of oven and ancillary activities.

** Fully automatic and semi-manual production lines available

Baking Benefits


Auto-Bake’s Serpentine ovens are unsurpassed for heat and moisture control, and our modular systems integrate end-to-end to guarantee consistency of product with fully programmable pre-set controls that take into account individual recipes, and variations in raw ingredients.

Even Bake

Products have uniform coloring and rising across the tray, courtesy of Auto-Bake’s compact design, full-width heating and temperature-controlled heating zones.

Fast Product Changeover

Product changeovers are facilitated by the Serpentine oven’s easy to remove ‘clipless’ pans, or use of optional ‘free’ pan ovens.

Pies to Puddings

Adjustable and flexible in-feed means the line can deposit pies one day and filled puddings the next. Cocktail Pastries to Family Pies: choices are easy to change as inventory dictates.

Continuous Production

All equipment for applications such as greasing, paper case de-nesting, loading, decorating, and unloading are fully synchronized.

Customized Cooling

Integrated ambient or refrigerated coolers, plus blast-freezer options to suit product and supply requirements.

Business benefits


Reduced labour costs

Fully-automated depositing, panning and de-panning processes.

Optimise energy and time

The Serpentine ovens have proven reduction in energy over an tunnel oven of the same area.

Fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly

Touch-screen total control

Seamless integration of the baking line with plant-wide supervisory and control systems.

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