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Turnkey Baking Systems

In addition to providing key modular components of Serpentine industrial baking lines, Auto-Bake offers total turnkey solutions for a fully integrated automated baking system.

Auto-Bake’s turnkey baking systems incorporate custom-configured elements from the Auto-Bake range, coupled with ancillary equipment — including depositors and make-up equipment — from a network of proven suppliers around the world. In consultation with our clients, Auto-Bake selects the optimum equipment to suit the desired application and fully integrates the system from both an engineering and baking standpoint.

Complementing the ‘hardware’ is the ‘software,’ or control and recipe management system. This is tailored to provide comprehensive and user-friendly control and operation of the complete Auto-Bake line. Moreover, with all our automated baking solutions, whether a single oven or fully integrated line, Auto-Bake provides comprehensive operator training on two fronts: baking and engineering maintenance.

Auto-Bake can deliver whatever is required to get your plant up and running, whether this is your first line or your sixth. Our turnkey continuous baking solutions allow bakers to get on with what they do best — baking.

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