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Auto-Bake Corporate

808 Stewart Avenue
Plano TX 75074, USA
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Scott McCally
President Auto-Bake Serpentine
Office Direct: 972-509-8641
Mobile: 940-297-7787

Brent Grantham
National Account Manager
Office: 919-674-3783
Mobile: 919-738-3752

Billy Rinks
National Account Manager
Office: 972-509-8637
Mobile: 469-571-4025

Equipment Sales Inquiries

Office: 972-509-8756
Mobile: 903-267-4261

Office: 972-509-8744

Emergency Parts & Service

Matthew Mallabar
+1 315-794-2371

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Serpentine Technology?
    Auto-Bake’s unique horizontal Serpentine tTransport System enables you to produce up to 90% more throughput in the same amount of floor space over a conventional linear system. As well, deliver or remove the energy from directly above and/or beneath the product as it moves through the system rather than from the perimeter. This is the key to our legendary lateral product quality. In addition, it uses 30% less energy/unit mass than even the most efficient conventional system and the auto-bake system is completely continuous and automated without the need for product or pan transfers from one system to the next, e.g. baking, cooling, or de-panning.
    What is the Average Oven Footprint?
    The quick answer is, the average auto-bake system produces and requires approximately double our smallest offering — the smallest foot print is less than 5 sqm (54 sqft), producing over 22,000 snack cakes an hour or 650 kg/h (1433 lb/h). That equates to 130 kg/sqm/h (27 lb/sqft/h) and 4,400 pcs/sqm/h (407 pcs/sqft/h) — Amazing!
    Using Auto-Bake Ovens with Other Equipment ?
    Short answer is yes, it has and can be done. In reality, in order to maximize the investment it is best to utilize our entire system where we not only bake, we can proof, cool, freeze, de-pan, pan handle and wash all within one system without any transfers or intervention.
    What type of maintenance is required?
    The main transport chain is oiled automatically during operation via PLC control and the operator only needs to fill the oil reservoir. Additionally, the system is designed to run for 20 days straight / 24 hours per day before stopping for a 4-6 hour maintenance period whereby the oven bearings are greased and all systems are checked for proper function and feedback. This requires 4-6 people depending on the size of the line.