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Automated Baking Systems

Touch Screen SCADA Oven Control

Auto-Bake Serpentine ovens and baking systems can be supplied with varying levels of control and automation, allowing straightforward operation and recipe handling. The integration of leading control technologies with Auto-Bake ovens and continuous baking systems, provide bakers with unprecedented levels of automation and control flexibility.

Auto-Bake control and automation systems allow accurate control of temperature and line speed, while ensuring the precise monitoring of pan position and synchronization of process stages.

Fully automated systems offer touch-screen management of all baking line processes and parameters, including depositing, panning and de-panning and temperature profiles. This permits a reduction in line staffing costs, when compared with vertical and tunnel oven systems, and facilitates seamless integration of the baking line with plant-wide supervisory control systems.

With options for plant-floor control, Auto-Bake flexible control systems allow production schedules to be selected and managed from operator touch-screens located at various positions on the baking line. This delivers accurate monitoring of the baking application and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

Additional features such as CCTV monitoring and remote access technical support are also available.