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Best Brands (BakeMark)

"Being able to stack production in the Serpentine Oven really was an advantage for us. We were running 5 cakes a minutes, now we're running 20 cakes a minute. The efficiency and consistency has made a significant impact to our bottom line."

JW Allen (Rich)

"This oven outperforms all our other ovens. It's faster, more versatile, you get a better product and it produces more product at a much lower cost. It's easy to clean, easy to maintain and it makes your job and life so much easier."

Dad's Pies

"Every day there's a new challenge to make sure that we achieve our consistency. To achieve that consistency requires the right equipment. Auto-Bake has actually made a better product than I've ever seen... including Europe."


"We lease by the sq. ft. so having a smaller production facility and an oven system that worked within our constraints was important to us... Auto-Bake is designed in that way. Whether it's the beginning of the day, end of day or next day, we have very consistent products being produced on the Auto-Bake ovens — easy to operate and easy to control by anyone on the line."

Coolmore Foods

"A regular tunnel oven would take up to 75% of our floor space, the Auto-Bake system saved us a lot of floor space. The quality of the engineering is absolutely outstanding. The level of control and consistency is very significant and the level of support has been outstanding. Auto-Bake has given us the ability to maintain our competitiveness."

Heather Brae

"The only way that we could offer this kind of product is to go with an Auto-Bake Serpentine Oven. The oven operation, the speed controls and oven temperatures is excellent and very consistent, and the operation of the system is quite simple to use. "