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Automated Baking Systems

Specifically developed to clean difficult-to-access baking-surfaces, Auto-Bake’s fully integrated high-performance oven washing systems provide a consistent and hygienic wash.

Baking pans are conveyed through wash and rinse sections where spray nozzles staggered along the length of the process direct high-velocity water to provide a thorough clean. The water can be heated using Auto-Bake’s thermal oil technology, electric elements or steam.

Drying is achieved using high-velocity centrifugal blowers that blow air on both sides of the pan carrier assembly. Auxiliary heating for the air is not required as it is heated by friction during recirculation back to the blowers. Moisture separators are employed to ensure the air is dry before being re-used.

The wash water temperature, together with the high-velocity water sprays, tend to negate the requirement for detergent. However, if detergent is required, an optional automatic detergent-dosing system can be incorporated.

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