Oven Infeed & Depositing Systems


Infeed systems are available with Auto-Bake’s standard ‘contained pan’ transport interface or the optional ‘free pan’ model:

The ‘Contained Pan’ Transport Interface


Retains and circulates pans within the complete oven or baking system and incorporates Auto-Bake’s clipless pan system that allows simple and easy drop in/lift out pan changeover.

The ‘Free Pan’ Model


Enables the use of baking pans that are independent of the oven or system. This makes it easy to incorporate into an existing process, while retaining pans and surrounding ancillary equipment.

Both transport systems employ a unique roller-bearing assembly that provides unmatched pan stability.

Auto-Bake infeed systems can be fitted and fully synchronized with integrated or modular ancillary equipment, such as pan greasers, depositors, paper case de-nesters, decorating units, extruders, wire cut units, rotary moulders and all pastry and bread forming equipment.

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