Auto-Bake Technology


Pastry & Proofed Products

The recipe for success

For perfect pastries look no further than Auto-Bake. Our Serpentine ovens and pastry baking systems — including compact proofing units — are ideal for creating a wide range of proofed products, including appetising croissants, danishes and pain au chocolat.

Our modular solution

Oven-alone, piece-by-piece or end-to-end — Auto-Bake’s baking solutions produce pastries with minimal manual input, optimum throughput and maximum output.

Make-up and forming

  • Sheeters
  • Laminators
  • Forming
  • Filling
  • Cutting


  • Variable speed
  • Optional bypass
  • Conventional steam or
  • Water mist proofing

Serpentine oven

  • Radiant or direct fired convection
  • Fixed or free pan
  • Zone temperature and moisture control
  • Air movement efficiency
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Viewing doors
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • PLC control
  • Energy Efficient


  • Robotic or linear systems
  • Needle of vacuum de-panning
  • Inverted de-panning
  • Peeling conveyer

Cooling & freezing

  • Integrated or additional
  • Ambient, refrigerated or
  • Blast freezing available

Baking benefits

Auto-Bake’s Serpentine pastry oven has unsurpassed heat and moisture control, making it the first choice for a fully repeatable, drier bake.

Crust quality and color

Final quality is assured by precision temperature control in the Serpentine oven, providing tailored top and bottom heat to each product. Controlled air movement optimises rise and form in laminated pastries.

Even bake

Products have uniform coloring and rising across the pan, courtesy of Auto-Bake’s compact design, full-width heating and precision-controlled heating zones.

Pastries to muffins

The flexible Serpentine line can bake pastries one day, and muffins — or bread, or cookies — the next.

Fast product changeover

Easy to remove pans, advanced heating systems and a user-friendly control interface facilitate fast product changeovers. Makeup and depositing equipment is easily substituted, and proofing units can be bypassed.

Continuous production with Auto-Bake oven, modules & ancillary systems fully synchronised

Customised cooler options include integrated ambient or refrigerated, and blast freezers

Business benefits

Auto-Bake industrial pastry baking ovens and systems offer superior quality, repeatability and throughput, all in an affordable and compact package.

Reduced labor costs

Fully automated proofing, baking, cooling and de-panning processes.

Optimise energy and time

The compact oven holds its temperature, minimising energy consumption and baking time.

Fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly

Touch-screen total control

Seamless integration of the baking line with plant-wide supervisory and control systems.

Auto-bake advantages

Small footprint

The Serpentine pastry baking oven occupies one-tenth the footprint of an equivalent tunnel oven or band line, freeing space for ancillary activities. Expand your operation without expanding your plant.


From 30 pans to 300, stand-alone oven to end-to-end systems, Auto-Bake custom-builds to suit your business and budget.


Advanced control systems and interfaces for easy operation and maintenance, programmable synchronisation of oven and ancillary activities.

Fully automatic and semi-manual production lines available