Auto-Bake Technology


Automated De-panning

Automated de-panning & unloading systems

The Auto-Bake range of modular product transfer systems provides accurate and controlled handling, ensuring the highest quality final product, while minimising waste. All product transfer units incorporate state-of-the art robotics or linear de-panning technology, and are available custom-configured for a specific application.

Auto-Bake oven unloading systems are available in a range of ‘pick and place’ technologies to suit almost all baking applications:


Ultra-fine needles housed within the ‘picking’ heads are used to secure the product.


Suction power and ‘picking’ heads are customised to suit individual product types.

Reverse de-panning

Allows for reorientation of product.

Center-changing head

Interchangeable heads specifically designed to suit product size, shape and weight, offer production flexibility and allow rapid product changeover. Fully programmable, Auto-Bake product transfer units are easily synchronised with upstream baking processes, and permit accurate positioning and trouble-free alignment with target baking pans and cooling frames.

Products can also be re-aligned spatially and/or re-oriented for direct transfer to final packaging, maximising baking and labour efficiencies.