Auto-Bake Technology


About Us

Six decades of world-class innovation

Auto-Bake is a global designer and supplier of fully automated industrial baking ovens and systems. Internationally renowned for its innovative Serpentine technology, Auto-Bake’s compact, cost-efficient, continuous baking solutions are custom-configured for a diverse range of baking applications.

The company has been in the business of baking since the 1950s, when founder Kevin Hicks built his first bakery in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, this successful business has evolved into a truly international enterprise, with successful installations on every continent and a dynamic service and support presence in the USA, Europe and Asia.

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Serpentine oven manufacturers

Auto-Bake began as an industrial bakery, so we understand first-hand the requirements and pressures of bakeries, bakers and the marketplace in which they operate. Our experience in space-saving automatic cookie machinery led us to develop the ultra compact, ultra energy and labour efficient, and ultra flexible Serpentine oven — a patented technology suitable to the widest range of savoury and sweet baked goods, where products in the baking zone are conveyed horizontally through an ingenious ‘S’ path over multiple levels.

Comprehensive scope of supply has been equally vital to our success. While the Auto-Bake product range encompasses ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ equipment to complement our core oven technology, we also have proven partnerships with ancillary equipment suppliers. This modular approach enables Auto-Bake to provide individual equipment elements as needed, or fully customised turnkey baking system solutions using the best available components.

Ongoing R&D and true market understanding — combined with the inherent flexibility and modularity of the Auto-Bake system — allows our company to be highly responsive in meeting changing and emerging trends in baked goods supply and consumption.

Perfecting the recipe

At the company’s manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia, purchasers are invited to be present for trials and test runs. They also have the opportunity to work with Auto-Bake’s own master bakers to perfect recipes in one of several Auto-Bake test bakeries located around the world. This close working relationship is typical of the company’s hands-on approach to customer service — from design, installation and commissioning, to staff training and ongoing service and maintenance.

Now a major force in the international marketplace, the company remains dedicated to developing next-generation continuous baking solutions that deliver improved productivity, increased profitability and superior quality.